Congee: a comfort food--ZenMoon

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Congee: a comfort food--ZenMoon

Congee: a comfort food

I have many happy childhood memories of going out for a late-night snack with my parents. It was always fun and exciting to go out with my parents into the bustling night scene to eat some comforting chicken congee along with an irresistible side of freshly-fried Chinese doughnuts.

Chicken Congree with egg yolk. Congree a Comfort Food by Diana Zen. Zen Moon.
Chicken Congree with an Egg Yolk

We always order our chicken congee with an egg yolk, to add the extra richness to the flavor and texture. Whenever I was sick, my mother would always cook congee for me. The congee would always contain a mixture of healing herbs, scallion and ginger to "warm up the system" and served up with a dash of pepper and a swirl of sesame oil. Sometimes, my mother would cook a plain "white" congee that would be accompanied by a salty meat dish.

Fish Congree with Chinese Doughnut. Congree a Comfort Food by Diana Zen. Zen Moon.
Fish Congree with a side of Chinese Doughnut

Other times, she would cook a congee using a hearty stock base then add meatballs, or chopped meat, or seafood. My mother's congee is always made with love. I always remember the love and feel the comfort and warmth, whenever I eat a bowl of congee.

Zen Moon. Copyright and TrademarkDiana Zen
January 2014

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