My Life Journey

There's nothing less inspiring than staring at a blank screen and not knowing where to begin. Nevertheless, I must start somewhere. Who am I? What makes me want to share my personal journey with everyone? I am the product of my own doings, of my successes and failures, of my hopes and dreams, and ultimately of my faith and beliefs.

pink chrysanthemum. My Life Journey By  Zen Moon.
"Life with all its charms and disappointments is just temporary and fleeting."

Why should I share my point-of-view, my innermost thoughts, my observations with people I don't personally know? Is it a wise decision for me to open up and let the world scrutinize all that is me? It is quite ironic that I once kept a locked diary and now I am keeping an online journal of my life journey. Life is funny like that. No one truly knows what tomorrow brings. Life with all its charms and disappointments is just temporary and fleeting. Yet, it is challenging to objectively experience life without emotional attachments or bias. Ultimately, I feel that sharing and compassion is the foundation for mankind and what defines humanity. Time will tell.

Spring blossoms. My Life Journey by Zen Moon.
My unwavering life path is to reach
inner peace, my personal Nirvana

"Live and let live" is what I always say. It's a big world out there. Everyone is free to choose his/her own path. I would like to believe that I am not alone in my quest. My unwavering life path is to reach inner peace, my personal Nirvana. Life happens. It is not easy at times to be at peace and to practice what you have learned or preached. Like all human, I am still flawed. I seek perfection and strive for an absolute perfection. I have succeeded at times and failed miserably at others. However, every challenge is an unique learning experience. Integrating my belief system into day-to-day life, while fully experiencing all that is life, is the practical-most way to know if my faith and beliefs is truly The Truth. I am a believer that the One Truth could be effectively and successfully applied to life's endless challenges and opportunities.

Absolute book knowledge, rote memorization, mechanical and robotic repetition are all unnatural and too compliance. I intend to Live and to experience life with a wide-open heart and use my inner light to chart my own path. Blind faith alone is foolish and I do not see Nihilism as my option. Thus, I continue onward on my life path with my faith and beliefs as a personal compass to reach MY own Nirvana. Welcome to my life journey.

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December 2013