Heaven and Earth. Insight--ZenMoon

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Heaven and Earth. Insight--ZenMoon


See Heaven, see Earth
Then, see not Heaven not Earth
Heaven Earth just is !

Diana Zen
Zen Moon
September 7, 2015
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Heaven and Earth

Within the dualistic existence, there are infinite manifestations of Heaven and Earth. The discriminating mind grasps all worldly manifestations as reality. As one recognise life’s unavoidable changeability and embark along the Path, one mistakenly view all as the nothingness of impermanence. One erroneously believe the nothingness of nihilism is the actual No-Nothingness. It is only when One recognise that both permanence and impermanence are confined within Karmic life’s innate duality, that One is ultimately set free from discriminating thoughts. Heaven and Earth exist as it just is. At last, existence is no longer imposed within the ego-centric bias falsity.

"Heaven Earth just is !"


Contemplating the footage in the “Heaven & Earth” video remind me that it is essential recognise the Path and return to the Original Nature. There are a myriad of mountain peaks symbolic of the ego of past shaped by the infinite life experiences. The brightness of the Inner Light, similar to the shinning sun, is shrouded by the ignorant fogginess of the ego-subjectivity. Living moment-to-moment within the stable clarity, achieved by the accurate insight and un-obstructed from fettering, discriminating thoughts, the Inner Light shines brightly to dissolve the fogginess of delusion. Along the life journey, with the Dharma as the absolute guidance, the outer life circumstances are faced with a mind undisturbed by arising bias. The Way is to adaptively act without being affected. There is only one true Freedom: Nirvana. 

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 Zen Moon 

 September 7, 2015

Between Heaven & Earth - 张家界 Zhangjiajie, China from Henry Jun Wah Lee / Evosia on Vimeo.

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Prayers are both the vows we make and outer the invocations to aid and guide us along our life path to Nirvana.--ZenMoon
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It is only by transcending the discriminating mind’s reality that we can exist in the uncorrupt, non-dualistic actuality.
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"Zen Moon is the unification of theoretical knowledge with real life application."
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We each have the seed of Buddhahood within.
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Transcending Dualtiy is the key to living each moment-to-moment at full clarity.
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In the here and now, living with the Pure Mind and compassion shall spontaneously propagate the sweet fruits and negate the bitter ones.
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