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Nothing in life is forever. Life is constantly influx, volatile, and impermanent. We waste the prime years of our lives toiling for impermanent materialistic gains. We build our castles upon a foundation of sand. Nothing is without a price in life. Our fleeting and empty gains are paid with Karmic entanglements that keeps us withing Samsara. In the end, the material universe we created disintegrates and dissolves into water flowing down the drain. 

"Nothing in life is forever. Life is constantly influx, volatile, and impermanent."

The "Stream" video essay gives me the similar feelings to watching the construction then destruction of a sand mandala. Watching the progression of this liquid universe reminds me that life so perishable and short-lived. I am resolved to focus on living every moment in the present and chart the life path toward spiritual freedom. In the end, only the attainment of Inner Peace within Enlightenment is truly enduring and boundless.

Zen Moon.  Copyright and Trademark Diana Zen
 Zen Moon
 May 31,2015

STREAM - Explore The Unseen from Roman De Giuli on Vimeo.

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"It is essential that to have confidence and belief in one own self and one's own capability to transcend the mundane."
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"All the struggles to get ahead, to achieve material things are meaningless in the end. The value of a person is not measured by materialistic gains or haves."