Self-Accountability and Self-Empowerment--Diana Zen

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Self-Accountability and Self-Empowerment--Diana Zen

Self-Accountability and Self-Empowerment

It is a beautiful thing that each one of us has the capability to self-awaken from our self-imposed spiritual limitations. I admire the strength of the human spirit and its ability to conquer and overcome all of life's obstacles and limitations.

accountability and self-empowerement
"It is essential that to have the confidence and the belief in one's own self
and one's own capability to transcend the mundane."

I believe each of us should aim for the ultimate goal of obtaining Enlightenment and reaching Nirvana. It is essential that we  have the self-confidence and believe in ourselves and our own capability to transcend the mundane. Each one of us is accountable for our own fate and is empowered to chart our own life journey.

With self-determination, Dzung, we are capable of reaching the ultimate spiritual destination: Nirvana. As we live with Compassion and respond to the outer world using our Inner Light, each interaction we encounter becomes meaningful and benevolent. I often hear people say that Nirvana is outside their grasps and the Teaching is beyond their comprehension. However, the Teaching itself speaks of self-igniting and preserving one's own Inner Light and to not defer to others to dictate one's own spiritual destiny.

"The written words are only a vehicle to convey the Teachings
and drive us toward the destination of Enlightenment and to Nirvana."

We should not limit our innate capability by not having faith in ourselves nor let others hinder our own spiritual growth. Each one of us is ultimately accountable and self-empowered to achieve Enlightenment and to reach our own spiritual destination of Nirvana.

I often read Sutra passages until the meanings are illuminated.  I live with the essense of the Teaching while going about daily life. I pray for my Inner Light to grow brighter, so that I can self-illuminate my own life path. I read with an open heart and use my Inner Light to extract the Teaching from the words. It is crucial that we strive to understand the essence of the Teaching and not get fixated by the concrete meaning of the written Sutra words. Words are meant to convey ideas and ideals. Extracting the perfume essence of the Teaching is the key. The written words are merely a vehicle to convey the Teaching and drive us toward the achievement of Enlightenment and toward Nirvana. We must empower ourselves by using our Inner Light to transport us to the meanings beyond the concrete words. Once we understand the essence of the Teaching, it is essential that we discard the concrete words and live with the understanding. Theoretical knowledge alone does not lead to spiritual accomplishments. We are accountable to leave behind the written-words vehicle, once we arrive at the Truth. Being able to consistently and unhinderlessly live with the Teaching, while in the flow of daily life, is the true objective.

Comprehension and application go hand-in-hand. Daily life has provided me with an abundance of opportunities to apply the Teaching and test my progress. As I live with my awareness moment-to-moment, I self-reflect and to evaluate my response to the challenges. I am accountable for my own life path and my doings along my life journey. I answer to myself and to my own conscience.

"Once we understand the essence of the Teaching, 
it is essential to discard the concrete words and live with the understanding."

The successes and failures are mine alone. I do not deceive myself on my progress and I continuously drive forward on my life path. After all, it is my own life journey. I am the person ultimately responsible for my own Enlightenment and for reaching my spiritual destination: Nirvana.

Zen Moon. Copyright and Trademark Diana Zen
 Zen Moon
 February 27, 2014

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