Ice Cream: The Magical Dairy Treat--Diana Zen

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Ice Cream: The Magical Dairy Treat--Diana Zen

Ice Cream: The Magical Dairy Treat

Ice cream is a magical food. Eating a scoop ice cream always transports me to a sunnier happier place. I have such positive connection to ice cream, since there are so many carefree happy childhood memories associated with ice cream.

Ice cream is not only a delicious treat but also a time machine for me.

I remember my parents bringing home a rectangular carton box of Foremost brand ice cream in my childhood as a special treat. For years, I always thought Foremost was synonymous with ice cream. After dinner, I remember going out for dessert with my parents and enjoying coconut ice cream served inside a coconut. I thought it was such a clever and pretty presentation. It was definitely an extra treat eating the coconut flesh, once I finished the ice cream. I have always loved Nestle ice cream on a stick, since it brings back loving memories of my dad buying me one, whenever we go to see a movie together.

Everything in life only has emotionally significance when a positive or a negative memory is attached to it.

I remember our family always having hazelnut ice cream in the freezer when we were living in Europe and us coming home to ice cream after a day of sightseeing. For me, there are always some happy joyous family childhood memories connected with ice cream. Thus, ice cream is not only a delicious treat but also a time machine for me.This week, I took my parents out and about, spending quality time together, and then stopping by a new Danish ice cream parlor for a midday pick-me-up. We tried all the flavors and gravitated toward hazelnut. My dad also loved the lemon sorbet, since it reminded him of the handmade lime sorbet he enjoyed as a little boy.

Recognizing our own bias, we can see everything clearly and objectively.

Everything in life only has emotionally significance when a positive or a negative memory is attached to it. Everything in life is innately neutral and becomes altered, for better or for worse, based one's perception. If we are able to recognize our own bias, we can alter our perception of reality and finally see everything clearly and objectively.

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 Zen Moon

 January 11, 2014

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