Monday, February 12, 2018(View: 3771)
This video has sound all-natural cold & cough home remedies for both children and adults.
Tuesday, February 6, 2018(View: 4070)
"Verjee successfully sent the condition into remission after attending a clinic that focused on mind, body and spirit and adapting her diet."
Monday, February 5, 2018(View: 3451)
This is a delicious and effective home remedy for sore throat and cough. I plan to keep a jar of this remedy it in my refrigerator.

VIDEO: Touchable Memories

Sunday, January 14, 20181:33 AM(View: 859)
"If you were blind, how would you "see" a photo?" This a a touching video and an interesting question. We are the product of our past and we carry the emotions attached to our memories.

Touchable Memories from Marco Aslan on Vimeo.

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