What It Means To Live In Zen--Diana Zen

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What It Means To Live In Zen--Diana Zen
What It Means To Live In Zen


Living in Zen is living with the objective clarity of the Original No-Mind. We live with the Inner Light, at full illumination, and harmoniously respond to the outer circumstances with an all embracing universal altruism.


Living in Zen is existing at full awareness of each moment-to-moment, while remaining at a Timeless Inner Peace. Life can only be truly experienced, when we recognize the world objectively, without the taint of our self-imposed emotional attachments, and without the imposition from our subjectivity to shape the outer events . Being liberated from our own biased mind allows us to react adaptively, as the life circumstances arise and depart, while remaining inwardly unattached and unaffected by the outer events.


Living in Zen is NOT an existence within a self-imposed annihilation of the senses, nor the negation of awareness. We live in Zen while at rest, and while in motion. Being Zen is living with original state of mind…a state that is unwavered, unattached, and unhindered by the arising outer circumstances. Being at Zen is not living within an imposed state, where we must expend mental efforts to force the silencing of the thoughts, nor the re-framing of reality. Being at Zen is the recognition of reality as it truly is: impermanent and dualistic. We freely let go of all clingingness and attachments to outer events.


We do not reach a state of Zen by sitting quietly fixated on indifferent voidness. The practice of sitting in meditation is an effective mean to return one to a state of inner peace. Meditation practice helps to calm, clear and cultivate the mind, so that it can recognize and self-stabilize against the impulses arising from the fleeting emotions and behaviors based on egocentric perceptions. However, sitting in meditation is merely an initial learning step to train the mind. It is merely a mean to temporary stabilize the mind, so that we may begin to see the nature of life, and recognize our habitual tendency to form a subjective view of the objective world. It is vital THAT we not confused the practice, the exercise, of meditation with the actual Enduring Zen state of meditation.


Living in Zen, Moment to moment, we let thought naturally flow into the next thought, without grasping at any one thought. The Mind sees with insight, neither grasping nor rejecting anything at all. Thought flow seamlessly into the next thought without the blockage nor interruption from subjectivity. The mind does not become emotionally affixed to any one arising thought, to hinder the objectivity of awareness. Without the mind’s subjective chatters, we do not become emotionally entangled to take action from an egocentric perspective. We recognize the present, as it truly is, and adaptively respond with an inner neutrality. We act adaptively to the outer circumstances without being affected.


In order to see if we can truly remain at Inner Peace, when faced with life’s ever-changing challenges and opportunities, we must live within the flow of life and integrate into the daily life. Zen cannot be understood merely in theory, but must be personality acknowledged and experienced, within the actual real-life application and our daily interactions with others.


A Zen life path is not a passive letting-go of life, but is instead an active realizations of the Karmic existence, while being at a Timeless Inner Peace. One functions adaptively with comprehensive clarity, in the face of the arising and departing karmic events. Living in Zen, the mind is unobstructed by the conditional filters of empirical experiences.

The flow of life is a series of arising and departing karmic events. The life circumstances manifest then disappear, as the seed from our past deed encounter its optimum conditions to germinate, thrive, wither away, then the cycle of seed and fruit continues based on our response. As our viewpoint returns to objectivity and clarity, the the outer circumstances no longer evoke any conditional emotional response. We becomes liberated by accurate insight and no longer be pulled into the cycle of karmic propagation and perpetuation.


At the timeless absolute stillness of Zen, we can see everything with full illumination and clarity, and be at innate harmony with life. It is within the absolute and enduring state of Zen, that we can see the actuality of life, then integrate into the life’s flow and merge seamlessly into daily life…yet be unswayed and unsullied within the life stream.

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 July 27, 2018

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021(View: 7240)
Our lifetime is precious and finite, we must embrace the murmur inside ourselves and embarks on the discovery for knowledge to return to our Timeless Inner Peace.
Friday, July 9, 2021(View: 10393)
As manas metamorphose from the self-limiting ego-mind consciousness to the original universal limitless No-Mind consciousness, one is liberated by accurate insight.
Thursday, March 18, 2021(View: 9132)
All materialization in the natural world are the manifestation and derivation of the inherent duality of the physical universe. Duality is the subjective state of mind, while the mind conscious assess the input from the world from an egocentric viewpoint.
Monday, January 18, 2021(View: 9884)
Living with the Original No-Mind, our thought flow seamlessly without blockage and interruption. Within the thought flow, the mind does not become emotionally affixed to any one arising thought to hinder the objectivity of awareness. We exist at the enduring Zen state of meditation…the state of Timeless Inner Peace.
Friday, November 27, 2020(View: 13166)
Existing as a human is fundamental, since it allows one to put The Teaching into practical application first hand and be at Nirvana in the present.
Monday, September 28, 2020(View: 8474)
Our perceptions are perpetually influenced by our past. As we navigate through life using our senses and subjectively interpret the sensory information, our impressions are never truly accurate.
Monday, May 4, 2020(View: 14496)
There is only one actuality...one true Reality. Yet, we all see that absolute Reality differently. We each see our life reality through our own color-tinted lenses and filtered, distilled, and refined by our past experiences and bias.
Sunday, August 18, 2019(View: 12927)
"Enlightenment is a absolute and unchanging state of being and awareness. One is either Enlightened or one is not Enlightened. There is nothing in between...no gray areas...no confusions."
Tuesday, January 15, 2019(View: 8008)
Our perception is a combination of the gathered awareness and our mind’s subjective interpretation of the information. The present can only be wholly acknowledged when we have complete vision of both ourselves and the world around us.