Duality-Diana Zen

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Duality-Diana Zen


All materialization in the natural world are the manifestation and derivation of the inherent duality of the physical universe. The relativity of the universal dualistic forces propel the infinite transformation in the physical world. The nature of the physical universe is perpetual changeability. There is never an enduring absolute state within in the dualistic universe. The inherent universal dualistic forces are continually synergistic and complementary to one other. Their relative relation and interaction create the drive for endless transformation and derivation. The worldly phenomena manifest as contrasting yet interconnecting dualities: day/night, light/dark, cold/hot, male/female.

"All materialization in the natural world are the manifestation and derivation of the inherent duality of the physical universe."


The physical phemoma continually materialize and dematerialize as dictated by the dualistic forces, so that all physical manifestation come and go within its finite lifespan. Within each change , there is exist a continuum of change as it transitions from emergence, decline, to subsequently depart and give rise to succeeding manifestation each possessing its own cycle of impermanence and change. There is no enduring physical phenomenon in the natural world. Within the 24 hours cycle, day give rise to night ….then, new cycle of day and night emergences and disappear. Our physical body has its own life cycle of birth, decline, then death. Upon death it returns to the earth to give rise to new life which has its own cycle of birth and death.

As citizen of the natural world, our physical form are governed by the dualistic forces of the universe. We exist within the limitations both of our physical body and of the physical universe. As we exist in the physical body, our perspective of the world is based on the our observation and experience within the physical world. We believe that we are one and the same with our physical body. We form an attachment to our physical form and fall into its trappings. Within the natural world, the innate self-preservation within all life forms drives us to serve our body and preserve it. As we identify ourselves through our physical body, its drive for self-preservation and procreation progressively overshadow our Inner Light. Our viewpoint becomes clouded by the empirical life experience. A disconnection with others arises as a “you/me” state of mind forms. We deviate from the original universal compassion into a mindset of me-first and self-preservation. The Inner Light, our the Original No-Mind, becomes enveloped within the illusion of the self, as we identity ourselves through our physical body and are governed by it. Our interaction with the outer world is ingrained in the innate physical needs for self-preservation and procreation so that our legacy will endure. As preferences and aversions are formed through our interaction with others, our mind becomes progressively dualistic and the false sense of egohood arises.

"The mind’s dualistic state stems from our interpretation and evaluation of the outer world from our personalized perspective."

Duality is the subjective state of mind, while the mind conscious assess the input from the world from an egocentric viewpoint. The mind conscious is named mana, while it exists within a dualistic state. Mana, the subjective mind, is also known as the ego-mind. Our subjective mind is the expression of the empirical experiences we accumulated along our life journey. The mind’s dualistic state stems from our interpretation and evaluation of the outer world from our personalized perspective. Our preferences and aversions are based on our individualized past. Because the dualistic mind is ego-based, it lacks the objective clarity, and hinders us from responding to the outer circumstances with an all embracing universal altruism. When we perceive the world using our subjective mind and respond to outer circumstance using mana, we do not act with the universal compassion nor with our original inner light.

As we engage with the outer world, our awareness streamed inwardly through our physical body via its five sensory organs: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, corporal. The data gathered through our physical receptive organs become our perceptions: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. Our various information are continually gathered into the aggregated memory storehouse of the collective consciousness stream. The information from the mind awareness are processed through our mind conscious, and we form a response to the outer world based on our interpretation of the information.

"The information from the mind awareness are processed through our mind conscious,
and we form a response to the outer world based on our interpretation of the information."


When we exist within the duality of the mind, our thoughts abide within the streaming awareness. Thoughts no longer flow seamlessness from one thought to the next, as we rest our thought in objective things and the subjective mind. As the thought flow is cut off, we live within the duality of the mind and Dualistic Mind consciousness, manas, is engaged. The dualistic mind consciousness construct our individualized version the outer world through its various subjective filters: love/hate, like/dislike, hope/disappointment as it clings to the physical forms and to the arising and departing life events. Memories and impressions from past encounters are brought up to the surface and impart themselves subjectively to the objective world. When our sense of vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch and mind awareness are filtered through the dualistic mana, we formulate an egocentric characterization of the subjective world. We see, hear, smell, taste, and feel based on mana’s interpretation of the input. As mana projects our own narrative onto the outer world, we form emotional attachments to the awareness. We do not truly experiences the senses objectively as it truly is. As we impose our own likes and dislikes upon each arising event, we can no longer perceive life with objectivity and neutrality. We become propelled and bound to take action, based on the turbulence of thoughts and passions. We continue to perpetuate the Karmic cycle with each choice we make, as we respond to the outer circumstances based the dualistic ego-mind conscious. Each action results in a reaction and propagate the endless cycle of seed and fruit.

"Once the mind conscious transcends duality, it becomes the nondualistic Original No-Mind."

Transcending the duality of the mind is simply a matter of recognizing reality as it truly is: a ceaseless stream of non-self-originating arising and departing karmic events. Once the mind conscious transcends duality, it becomes the nondualistic Original No-Mind. Our mind no longer give rise to subjective thoughts, in the face of the material manifestations and appearances. There is no transcendence from the duality innate inside life stream, until we acknowledge life, as it truly is, and we no longer live with mana, our ego mind shaped by empirical subjectivity and bias. With our recognition that all things in life are ultimately impermanent and transitory, we freely let-go of all egocentric clingingness and attachments. We dissolve the illusion of the self and become aware, attentive, and compassionate to other people and to society. The outer circumstance no longer evoke a conditional emotional response. As we respond to the outer circumstances with the universal altruism, we negate the cycle of karmic creation and perpetuation. We harmonize with our immediate surrounding and live in the life stream, yet be unaffected by it. We adaptively respond to outer circumstances with unclouded judgement, and without emotional attachment. Inwardly, we exist at a Timeless Inner Peace and be at Nirvana, in the here and now.

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 Zen Moon
 August 18, 2018

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Friday, April 15, 2022(View: 10616)
Living in Zen is living with the objective clarity of the Original No-Mind. We live with the Inner Light, at full illumination, and harmoniously respond to the outer circumstances with an all embracing universal altruism.
Tuesday, October 19, 2021(View: 7218)
Our lifetime is precious and finite, we must embrace the murmur inside ourselves and embarks on the discovery for knowledge to return to our Timeless Inner Peace.
Friday, July 9, 2021(View: 10379)
As manas metamorphose from the self-limiting ego-mind consciousness to the original universal limitless No-Mind consciousness, one is liberated by accurate insight.
Monday, January 18, 2021(View: 9870)
Living with the Original No-Mind, our thought flow seamlessly without blockage and interruption. Within the thought flow, the mind does not become emotionally affixed to any one arising thought to hinder the objectivity of awareness. We exist at the enduring Zen state of meditation…the state of Timeless Inner Peace.
Friday, November 27, 2020(View: 13156)
Existing as a human is fundamental, since it allows one to put The Teaching into practical application first hand and be at Nirvana in the present.
Monday, September 28, 2020(View: 8464)
Our perceptions are perpetually influenced by our past. As we navigate through life using our senses and subjectively interpret the sensory information, our impressions are never truly accurate.
Monday, May 4, 2020(View: 14489)
There is only one actuality...one true Reality. Yet, we all see that absolute Reality differently. We each see our life reality through our own color-tinted lenses and filtered, distilled, and refined by our past experiences and bias.
Sunday, August 18, 2019(View: 12910)
"Enlightenment is a absolute and unchanging state of being and awareness. One is either Enlightened or one is not Enlightened. There is nothing in between...no gray areas...no confusions."
Tuesday, January 15, 2019(View: 7978)
Our perception is a combination of the gathered awareness and our mind’s subjective interpretation of the information. The present can only be wholly acknowledged when we have complete vision of both ourselves and the world around us.