Dzũng: the Willful Determination and Fearlessness to Continuously Advance Onward and Forward--ZenMoon

Monday, February 5, 201812:01 AM(View: 5431)
Dzũng: the Willful Determination and Fearlessness to Continuously Advance Onward and Forward--ZenMoon

Dzung: the Willful Determination coupled with the Fearlessness to Continuously Advance Onward and Forward

I believe each person should aim to transcend the mundane. Each one of us is self-empowered to be at Inner Peace, by existing at full acknowledgement and awareness of the present, recognizing reality as it truly is.

There are endless distractions, diversions, and obstacles along the spiritual life journey that can alter the course and hinder the Zen life path.

The eight life winds constantly diverting us along the life journey:

Wealth /fortune

Poverty /decay






The duality, inherent within eight life winds, envelopes us in the whirlwind of life and leads us astray from The Path. Living within the life’s duality bind us within the cycle of karmic creation and manifestation.

We must utilize the spiritual compass to navigate the trappings and diversions along the way. This indispensable compass aid us to stay firmly on course along our life journey to the ultimate achievement: to exist at full clarity and a timeless inner peace, in the here and now.


The daily grind can be brutal and all-consuming. I believe that having a spiritual-based purpose in life is essential for meaningful life. It is too easy to let time slip by and be distracted, along life journey. Along my own life journey, the spiritual compass has personally helped me overcome many obstacles and hinderances and kept me moving along my life path. The Inner light and compassion have guide me and have helped me be at Inner Peace along my life journey. It is with the Dzũng (spelled DZung) that I utilize to keep me moving steadily onward and forward along under the ever changing life circumstances.


There is no exact one word in English to describe the principle of Dzung. Dzũng is is best described as the Willful Determination coupled with the Fearlessness to Continuously Advance Onward and Forward.

The spiritual compass is essential for us to face the ever-changing unfolding life circumstances adaptively within the life stream and transcend sufferings. There are three components, Three Instrumental Virtues, that makes up the spiritual compass: wisdom, compassion, and Dzung. Wisdom and compassion empower us to face the OUTER fluctuations of life, so that INSIDE we remain at an unwavering Inner Peace.

To stay on track and not divert from the spiritual life path one must stay on course under all life circumstances. Dzung keeps one stay steadily on course through the inner fearlessness and determination to prevail over any arising inner and outer hinderance and obstacle.


"Time is never in our favor. How much of a lifetime was actually spent on living life meaningfully, and judiciously-unwasteful?"

In the End, All the struggles to get ahead, to achieve material things are meaningless. The self-worth of a person is not measured by materialistic gains or haves. I see that people are often blinded to the fated end, and continue to misplace their values, and waste their limited lifetime.

It is too easy to get caught up in the vortex of daily life. We take for granted our life time remaining. In the prime of life, we forget that our good health and mental acuity are not everlasting. Circumstances are non-self originating and come and go based on the seeds from past deeds. Changeability and impermanence is the nature of life, The perceived fortunate and unfortunate events shall all come and go, in their own time. All worldly achievements are impermanent and fleeting. Misplaced value cause us to lose inner peace and binds one to karmic propagation and perpetuation.


Having a clear outlook and facing the life challenges, through compassion and letting-go of attachments, empower us to be at ease along the life journey on the Zen life path. Only then, can we exist at full acknowledgement and awareness of the present, recognizing reality as it truly is.

Having Dzung as the means, a priceless tool and weapon, keeps us focused and moving ONWARD and forward during the challenging times, and keeps us away from the temptations to stray from the Life Path leading to full clarity and inner peace, in the here and now.

IMG_3371 100 seal version 2 Diana Zen
 July 12, 2018

Published with Permission on ZenMoon and ZenEnergy from Diana Zen

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Friday, April 15, 2022(View: 10488)
Living in Zen is living with the objective clarity of the Original No-Mind. We live with the Inner Light, at full illumination, and harmoniously respond to the outer circumstances with an all embracing universal altruism.
Tuesday, October 19, 2021(View: 7088)
Our lifetime is precious and finite, we must embrace the murmur inside ourselves and embarks on the discovery for knowledge to return to our Timeless Inner Peace.
Friday, July 9, 2021(View: 10219)
As manas metamorphose from the self-limiting ego-mind consciousness to the original universal limitless No-Mind consciousness, one is liberated by accurate insight.
Thursday, July 8, 2021(View: 8085)
Nhờ việc làm Hộ niệm cầu siêu, hạt giống Phật sẽ được gieo trồng.
Thursday, March 18, 2021(View: 8949)
All materialization in the natural world are the manifestation and derivation of the inherent duality of the physical universe. Duality is the subjective state of mind, while the mind conscious assess the input from the world from an egocentric viewpoint.
Monday, January 18, 2021(View: 9745)
Living with the Original No-Mind, our thought flow seamlessly without blockage and interruption. Within the thought flow, the mind does not become emotionally affixed to any one arising thought to hinder the objectivity of awareness. We exist at the enduring Zen state of meditation…the state of Timeless Inner Peace.
Friday, November 27, 2020(View: 10564)
Existing as a human is fundamental, since it allows one to put The Teaching into practical application first hand and be at Nirvana in the present.
Monday, September 28, 2020(View: 8366)
Our perceptions are perpetually influenced by our past. As we navigate through life using our senses and subjectively interpret the sensory information, our impressions are never truly accurate.
Monday, May 4, 2020(View: 9941)
There is only one true Reality. Yet, we all see that absolute Reality differently. We each see our life reality through our own color-tinted lenses and filtered, distilled, and refined by our past experiences and bias.